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День Независимости Украины
День авиации Украины
Любите Украину!

25 лет Независимости Украины

This year we celebrate the 25th year of independence of our country. Ukrainians have long fought for this right, and as we are freedom-loving and fair people, we reached her. August 24, 1991 an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet adopted the document which proclaimed independence of Ukraine and the creation of an independent Ukrainian state. We have experienced a lot in 25 years, and most basic, proved to the world that we deserve to be called independent. Everyone can proudly wear the title of Ukrainian, because Ukraine is a large and invincible state, which we have to be proud of. You have to remember it's not just August 24, but every day. And this will help the award, made specifically for this outstanding date.

Our company has made great efforts at souveniurs these awards that we have the opportunity to welcome those who advocated and fought for the right to be called independent. The basis of this program was the medal "25 years of Independence." The medal is made using the technology of cold pressing. Use metal brass, whose thickness 2-3 mm. Block covered with tape on the back which placed special fasteners for clothes. This is not just award, a symbol of experienced events that we remember. And also part of this program was Ukrainian symbols. The symbolism - is not just a set of characters and symbols, these are things that are an inspiration and patriotism of our nation. You can order badges and key chains with Ukrainian symbols.

It is with our products, you feel invincible spirit of the Ukrainian people.

Important role in choosing the winning play medal "Defender native land" and "National Hero of Ukraine". They are designed for those who are now fighting for their country. Let's note and may honor their merits before the native land!

Glory to Ukraine!