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70 years of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders

70 years of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders

On October 28, the entire Ukrainian nation awaits the celebration of the anniversary of the liberation of our country from the yoke of the fascist invaders. 70 years pass from the date of the expulsion of the armed forces of Nazi Germany from Ukraine. 

Breastplate of Merit

Officially, the Liberation Day of Ukraine was introduced in the list of public celebrations not so long ago. The initiator of the establishment became economy minister Tihipko in October 2009, and a few days after my suggestion Viktor Yushchenko issued a decree №836 / 2009, according to which it was established to celebrate this holiday every year in late October. 

The Great Patriotic War has left an indelible imprint on the bloody memory of the Ukrainian people, badly battered both people and the land of Ukraine. Therefore, the country's liberation from the burden of fascism is an event of tremendous importance for all of us. This festival is designed to remind us of the hard times, their consequences and the valiant soldiers, thanks to which we now live in a free country. These heroes, we must not just their future, but also their lives. On this day, we give flowers on the graves of the dead and thank those veterans who are still alive and proudly wear their military awards on the old man's chest. 

Breastplate of liquidator

The official part of the Day of Liberation of Ukraine, as a rule, begins with the ceremonial lighting of the eternal flame, and then the people at the head of the

 government imposes traditional carnation on the grave of the Unknown Soldier, then all attention is drawn to the living witnesses of the events of those days - the veterans. In honor of the heroic heroes of the occasion has organized various entertainment events, charity events and public concerts of Ukrainian pop stars. On top of the day takes the ceremonial start of festive victory salute, which colorfully illuminates the night sky. 

This year is expected to change the traditional holiday programs, as the 70th anniversary anniversary the government intends to hold a ceremony awarding veterans. In this connection, the job came to manufacture medals for the famous World War II veterans. Despite this, any indifferent person can take the initiative and buy these commemorative medals, in order to personally thank the heroes for his salvation. Maybe buy award in Kiev, as well as in other cities of Ukraine, as veterans live across the country and it is important not to forget about any of them. According to recent data, as of today among us live only 1.5 million participants in the war, and every year this number is steadily declining. For the sake of our future with you, these people risked their lives and health. Many of them as a result of military operations become disabled and less what they deserve - is the attention and care from the society for which they fought heroically against the invaders. 

The company "Vіdznaki that Suvenіri" also took part in the general preparations for the upcoming festive occasion. In this regard, a team of co-developed and produced a unique commemorative medal for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of our country from the troops of the German fascists. This unique award is provided complete with a certificate of artificial leather and presentable case with a transparent plastic cover.