Diplomas, deeds and certificates of GRAWERTON, operative making

Metallic diplomas, certificates / Diplomas and certificates of GRAVERTON / Coats of arms, rewards a souvenir

Basic dignities of this type of diplomas and certificates are a cost, possibility of causing of photographic image on a metal and quickness in making. The diplomas of GRAWERTON, certificates and deeds, are fastened on the wooden founding, or placed in the special scope. You can order cases to the diplomas of GRAWERTON and certificates. Break over…

Making of diplomas of this category is possible for one two days (if drawing is not large and a picture is ready). The diplomas of GRAWERTON colorfully will pass a picture on a metal. Printing of diplomas take place the method of transfer of image on the metal of GRAWERTON through a high temperature. A picture is protected by microscopic tape from scratches and external influences. We pay attention, that a metal on which it is possible to print I am a few kinds is gold luster or mate, silver is a luster or mate, and also white metal on which a picture shows up as on a photo.

The diplomas of GRAWERTON yet have the name (diplomas are a thermal transfer) or (diplomas are made the method of thermal transfer).