Metallic diplomas, certificates and deeds

Metallic diplomas, certificates / Diplomas and certificates of GRAWERTON / Coats of arms, rewards a souvenir

Making of metallic diplomas technology photo gravening it is an excellent choice. Metal it is ordinary different brands of composition-metal, which is used for making of diplomas or certificates, passes a high-quality rough-down. Metallic certificates, diplomas and deeds, can be mat or polished under a luster. Break over…

Further metallic deeds, certificates or diplomas are covered by galvanic gold or nickel, whereupon, if it foreseen dyed by high-quality enamels. Basis of diploma or certificate wooden little small plank serves as. To the wares you can order the special cases. Such diploma or certificate is an excellent reward which it will be pleasant to place on a table or hang up on a wall.