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Каталог товаров
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The history of the company begins with 2004, and rapidly evolving, with a small workshop for the production of metal products has become a leader in the industry and an indispensable partner of the best Ukrainian companies and organizations.

Metal trophies and souvenirsToday, our company introduces a complete cycle of awards, souvenirs and corporate attributes, from the preparation of the original design layout and tooling to the finished product quality. Our facilities are equipped with modern equipment and technology: cold stamping metal, vacuum casting, coating products hot and cold enamels, as well as use other advanced technologies used in the manufacture of our products. We are working to turn your ideas into exclusive and unique products.

The style of the Company is very important for the image of the organization, and we know it like no other. Our staff with great responsibility comes to every customer of corporate attributes. Corporate style - a combination of philosophy, culture and core values, enclosed in graphic design. The best way to emphasize the corporate identity, enhance the image of the brand or company is a corporate attributes. We provide an individual approach, so that the end result is you get exactly the product, which will be indispensable in shaping the culture of the company and the loyalty of your employees and partners. Corporate attributes - is the "face" of the organization, recognition and status that are highly valued in a business environment.Awards

The role of the awards and souvenirs is growing every day. The reason for this is to create a new model of business relations, negotiations, meetings, promotions, exhibitions, etc., to encourage members of the organization, we produce awards and decorations, different categories and destinations. Medals, awards and badges of state and corporate orders, which you can browse our categories and galleries. For the production of this product, we use only high quality metals, enamels and varnishes.

Rewarding partners and customers to use the appropriate diplomas and certificates, prizes and statuettes. That will be proud recipient will take pride of place in his office and will be a vivid reminder of your company. Our designers can make a reality of even the most complex order. At the end of the production process, you will get exactly the reward you're approved on the model, at the appointed time.

Souvenir and award products - this is our specialty and we are professionals.

Our pride:


CLIENTS- We work with developing companies and market leaders in Ukraine. Inspired by the reality of the boldest ideas of our customers, we improve their status in the business environment and are able to realize themselves. Our organization is constantly evolving, each time providing more and more services. Important for us to meeting our customer's corporate image, so we do our best to provide the best quality products.


Our staff-Our staff is constantly improving his skill level, thereby ensuring the growth of the organization and its professionalism. Managers of organizations that are showing to each customer an individual approach, which allows to achieve a desired result and fully meet the expectations of the client. In our office located operative production, which allows for rush orders as soon as possible. Continued growth, learning and attention to detail - these are the principles that we strictly observe and adhere to.


PRODUCTION-Our production is constantly expanding. Every year we discover new areas of demand and implement technology. Continuously improving, we are constantly improving the skills of our staff. Technology companies - is master of his craft, who knows all the secrets of technology and manufacturing. A production capacity enables our technologists to manufacture large volume of souvenirs and merchandise awards by the specified deadline.

The staff of our organization is focused on quality and efficiency, which is an important part of our leadership in the Ukrainian market.