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For each person the word of "award" has different sense, someone in the imagination can present cups, another – prizes, the third – figurines, for someone are medals or an award.

And in all cases everyone will be right, in fact in the word of "award" solemn rewarding the person and here by which subject matter, this business already the tenth is looked through. As of today awards are made from various materials, in the basic majority the preference is given metal, as well as crystal or glass.

AwardsAwards are a solemn attribute of expression of gratitude, a recognition and respect for the person which has achieved the certain heights in business. It maybe participation in military actions, a victory over competitions, promotion, reception of a scientific degree, assignment of a title and other. Awards happen the most various – medals, awards, cups, figurines, etc. we shall talk separately about each of them.

Start with medals. Awards in the form of medals - a type of sculpture that is more likely than other creative field embodied annals of mankind. For centuries medals tell us about historical events and famous personalities. Awards Medal for a special event or person. Already at an early stage of development, they have evolved as an independent art form.

As for awards such as trophies, it should be noted that binge drinking and always assigned an important role. Important agreements were accompanied by lavish feast and strict guild were "drinking rituals," which had to be followed. But then the cups are certainly not acted as a reward. However, surprisingly, the design steins beginning attached great importance. With time, except for the bowl, cup horns and more meaningful place are taking mugs and glasses.

More can be noted as a reward prizes. Prizes we associate more with a kind of game, holiday, joy, and not by accident, because they give mostly on such pleasant joyful events. Undoubtedly the prizes - a prize, because the prizes are the winners of competitions and quizzes. Yes, they have shown reaction speed, savvy and stamina and were in first place. Probably prizes - the most pleasant reward for the soul, because it is for them to work long or identify any specific knowledge, you just need to entertain and have fun, so they appeal to both kids

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