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Каталог товаров
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Cases and certifications

Cases velvet, cases leather, cases wooden, cases are a plastic wide choice. Cradles, cases and certifications with a logotype or coat of arms of customer, high-quality making. To pick up necessary cases, it is needed to know what kinds they are. We will describe most widespread from them. Break over… 


Plastic cases it is inexpensive cases and usually they are used in two variants. A case in form small box with a lid small is used for marks, and a case is flat usually round different diameters used for medals. Velvet cases, different sizes, primary colors - green, dark blue, red, and claret. Used both for jewelries and for marks, medals and awards. Cases from the substitute of skin usually greater size and they are used for rewards which have certification or greater size for prizes. On them it is possible to inflict a logotype.

Cases leather, their setting is the same, as well as at cases done their leather cloth. Cases the wooden belong to VIP to the level and can be different sizes. Cases are standard sizes, and also making of cases is possible on an order.

Making of certifications takes place together with the order of awards and certification take place for the signature of data; it is ordinary crust from a leather cloth in the nutria of which page for records. Organization, ordering certifications brings in records and seals on certifications. Identity is very common in our modern lives, because they give a license holder of certain rights, such as the level of ownership rights by car, or confirm his identity, thus giving access to opportunities to get discounts and visit some place, to order the goods. That is identity - it is an essential attribute of every person, which he uses constantly. Certificates may have different crusts. The first type - is hard crusts, they represent a layer of cardboard coated with binding materials. The second type - a hard crust with a volume, they are made of two layers of cardboard coated with binding materials. And finally, the identification with a soft crust - it is cardboard with foam rubber, covered with binding materials. This material may be a cardboard, leather and leather substitutes.

Articles about cases and certifications

Articles about cases and certifications