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Dekol is technology of burning

ВТСSubdivision of our organization is causing of image on tableware the method of dekolyuvannya.

Dekol is causing of image on ceramics, porcelain, flowed. Most claimed technology at causing of pictures on the different form of tableware. The beforehand printed transfer is inflicted on the surface of good with the further high temperature burning. Farther more, we have an image, которе steadily to chemical and mechanical influences, and also saves the primary brightness of colors during the protracted exploitation. A picture can have in itself elements of gold, silver, platinum and bronze.

You will visit a site on causing of   dekol, dekol is technology of burning.





Thus, the decal is a technology with which the surface is applied to the selected image. In order that would make the application on the dishes to prepare the layout, which is then printed and a special method looks somewhat like a sticker. Further, this label is located on predugotovlennom product and placed in the oven, where the self with the help of high-temperature image with the label is attached to the dish surface.

With the technology decal is to create unique images and logos on cups, mugs, saucers, ashtrays, etc. Very often with the help of decals are souvenir plates. It should be noted that firing takes place in special ovens with an electronic thermal control. This method of firing has a significant advantage - it gives us a safe, clean, and durable dishes. Drawing on the dishes, thus allowing to obtain products of high resistance to abrasion with prolonged use. Decals - a process which uses special ceramic powder paint. They are good that are not erased when cleaning, resistant to the formation of small cracks and other damage.

There is also a great opportunity as a logo of the company on the dishes, and even full-color photographic images. Taking into account all the wishes of the client, designers can help you choose the best design and also make application to the dishes, having before him only a draft of the customer. One of the main principles of decent work is a high quality decal, which, together with creative professionals high-class strike the imagination and satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer. It should also be noted that due to all this is achieved by the originality and exclusivity of products.

Using the application on the dishes, you will bring personality to your office or your products. Because, you see, mugs and glassware with logos - the perfect complement for any advertising company - no matter whether it is a large-scale project or advertising of products of small businesses. Everybody needs to somehow represent your company in the market, making it recognizable and popular. And for this purpose often used decal, which will tell the buyer about your product, even when you do your business. Drawing on the dishes - it is advertising that works not intrusive and comfortable for everyone. It will be useful to note the fact that the decal on the various products of our time is becoming increasingly popular. This suggests that it is a very effective way of advertising in today's market.

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