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Coats of Arms, awards and medals from the symbolism of Ukrainian Cities

Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Khmelnytsky, Odessa, Sevastopol, Donetsk and other provincial cities of our country, have their own history of the founding, development, and its symbolism, awards, emblems, anthems, etc. As you know, awards and medal awards in the medium are very popular, they are often bought to reward not only in Kiev but in the second "capital" of our country's Kharkov, as well as in other cities in our state.

In this paper, we want to focus your attention on the very symbolism of each of which may be used in the design awards and medals.

Large coat of arms of KievCoat of Arms and awards in Kiev - these are products that have a rich history, and their symbolism can somehow distort, or transmit part. Each award is dedicated to certain accomplishments, and has much importance to its owner. In the state awards and medals of Kiev, the capital city coat of arms is used. There is a small coat of arms, in the form of the Archangel Michael with a flaming sword in his right hand and an oval shield with a picture of him on the crossbow. This symbol is used for a long time, because back in ancient Russia, it is the Archangel Michael was the symbol of the city of Kiev. Therefore, awards and medals of Kiev was made with the symbols of the city.

By the way, there is another version of the coat of arms, more complete, this is a great coat of arms of Kiev. It depicts the archangel in the center, on the right side depicts Prince Vladimir, on the left side of the Princess Olga. This version of Coat of Arms of Kiev is rarely portrayed, but you can see it here. Awards and medals of Kiev - these are products that have a large number of symbols and values, they are multifaceted and are divided into groups according to their intended use.

Coat of Arms, awards and medals of Kharkov - second "capital" of Ukraine, as well as awards of Kiev are quite a rich history.

Coat of arms of Kharkiv.Coat of arms of the city and over the centuries changed its appearance and perfected, filled with details and colors. Originally coat themselves awards Kharkov, were depicted on the other symbols - it was a bow and arrow on a yellow background. Later, this image was replaced with a horn of plenty, Caduceus - the golden wand with silver wings and two intertwined snakes. All of this symbolizes wealth, wisdom, hope and joy of intercession. Therefore, in the history of the awards and medals in Kharkov is depicted with a bow, arrows, a cornucopia, scepter and snakes. Although often choose a particular element of the master for the awards and medals produced in Kharkov. The latest version of the coat of arms of Kharkov was adopted in 1995, after his appearance, and symbols are the same.Large coat of arms Donetsk.

Coat of Arms, award medals Donetsk - the largest city in eastern Ukraine can rightfully be called theme, as the coat of arms, which is used as a symbol in making awards and medals, is quite simple. His new version was in 1995, incorporating the coat of arms of some refinement. If the previous awards and medals were manufactured in Donetsk on Soviet themes, after the last edition, was the emblem of the map resources in the Donetsk region, and coal miners. Coat of Arms Symbolism is quite simple: blue-black shield, which symbolizes the sky and rich earth, and shows the right hand holding a golden mountain golden hammer. Thus, awards and medals in Donetsk have quite a narrow subject, because the symbolism is used in the design of the coat of arms characterizes industrial development.

Awards Medal of Odessa.Coat of Arms, awards and medals of Odessa. "Pearl of the Sea," so called Odessa many residents and visitors to our country. By law the city can be considered the champion of change in the coat of arms, its symbolism and significance. In 1798, Odessa awards, medals, and he had a coat of arms image the two-headed eagle on a golden-red background with three crowns in the lower part of the emblem was a picture of an anchor with four paws. In 1875 the flag has changed, now it was a picture of the battleship Potemkin, with a gold star in the upper right corner and anchor at the bottom of the coat of arms. Accordingly, awards and medals in Odessa started to produce in view of changing the coat of arms symbols. The latest version was approved April 29, 2011. Now it shows a silver anchor with four legs, symbolizing the very Odessa on a red cloth. Who awards and medals in Odessa are very popular, because in this part of Ukraine's quite a lot of heroic people.

Coat of arms of Dnipropetrovsk.Whatever the city, large or small, with a rich history of the base or not - all cities of Ukraine: Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkassy, Kirovograd, Kiev, Odessa, Krivoy Rog, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Odessa, Lugansk, Chernihiv, Kharkov , Ivano-Frankovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Rivne, Lvov, Chernovtsy, Zhitomir, Sumy, Poltava, Nikolayev, Vinnitsa and other cities have their unique symbols, culture, customs and peculiarities. Awards and medals of each city are different from each other both in appearance, and on purpose.

Ate you are a resident of these cities, we can produce for you awards and medals from the symbolism of your city to present them to your local authority. Such awards and medals will be possible to display the symbols of the city and the merits of the recipient.

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