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On May, 14 Start of Cannes film Festival!

On May, 14 Start of Cannes film Festival!

Cannes. French city, name that acquainted each due to a prestige in the world film festival. The international Cannes film festival (Festival international du film de Cannes) first declared about itself in 1946 post-war. From September, 20 for October, 5 he passed in resort city Cannes on the French Light-blue bank.

Since and till today May became annual traditional time of his realization. In general, opening of him was planned yet seven years prior to it, in September, 1939, but flaming up Second World war mixed up the plans of organizers. Beginning history of Cinemas-Cannes takes in 1932th, however it is paradoxical - in Venice, where first and the international festival of the cinema took place. In those times participation and especially victory of country in a similar measure carried anymore political, than cultural character. And before the beginning of Second world war choice of cinematography and quite limited to influence of the fascist mode that consistently strengthened the positions in Europe. But the French government, nevertheless, approved a project, giving green light to him. As pretenders on realization of new festival a few cities were originally examined. An argument - "sunny and attractive place" became official reason of choice of Cannes.

Honoured prize - awarded for the best film "The Gold palm branch". A "gold palm branch" ( Palme d'Or) is a main bonus of the Cannes film festival. The modern name she got in 1955. From 1946 to 1954 a higher reward was named "Grand Prix" (Grand Prix is a large prize). It is considered one of prestige rewards in the world of the cinema. For all history not a single film director was able to conquer this reward three times.

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