Cast badges

Badges cast / Badges pressed / Badges the chemical engraving / Badges combined / Badges with enamel under the lens

Through this technology the badges of VIP of class are usually produced. Badges are cast and the technology of casting used in their making allows doing the badge of any form and complication. And this most important advantage in making of the cast badges. This technology is used in making of jewelries and she allows it. Break over…

The cast badges are covered by galvanic gold, silver or nickel; they can be decorated by stones and colored enamels. Fastening is a butterfly, collets, pin. To the badges you can order velvet cases. This type of badge to behave to the highest class, namely to the class of VIP. It is needed to take into account that production of marks through technology of casting nevertheless enough the protracted process from two weeks and more. A cereous model is made at first, further forms for casting, self casting and whereupon there is a further hand revision by masters. Therefore the large drawings of badges are made long and a cost does not go down substantially on them.