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Making of medals

Our society, as well as its progress, is not necessary on seat. Progress moves forward, leaving traces in all areas and branches of our economy and the industry. The person develops and invents, builds and erects. Earlier, in former times, we also did not think that the human mind will come for all limits admissible, but it and has occurred.

Manufacturing of medalsNow, presently, we do not represent the life without many, so necessary and important to us of things, in the past it was possible to dream of them only. Our objective – the main thing is rational and without harm for all surrounding to use the given things and same concerns also world means. One of world means is metal which property provides the way to make many things for structures easy and the heavy industry. Its use is a find for mankind, so for example, in manufacturing medals. In branch of manufacture of awards manufacturing medals is very important. Therefore in this article I would like to consider more detailed such type awarded production, as manufacturing of medals. What is the medal?

MEDAL - metal sign on round, rectangular or other form, flat, the various size, with the bilateral image and (or) an inscription in memory of any event, the figure or seat. They also are the award for merits and honor to a society, or the separate specific person.

Manufacturing of medals – something that belongs to the invention of mankind. Once the ancient cave person used metal for the only needs to make mattocks, the axe, etc., but could not process it properly. As if to our days, processing of metal yields the fruits. If to take the metal taken from natural ores as in the pure state it is not present it is necessary to lead a necessary number of processes, namely, clearing and processing, for its reception, reception of pure metal. From metal it is possible to sucelt all various things including medals, as are – manufacturing of medals.

Manufacturing of medalsManufacturing of medals souveniris more popular among not state companies;

Manufacturing of medals on collude – basically the state companies, the ministries, administrations, departments, etc. like to order Manufacturing of medals souvenir is a stage in one action – only manufacturing of the medal.

Manufacturing of medals sports is a type of medals which it is possible to fasten on a neck using a tape.

Manufacturing of medals souvenir – is possible manufacturing medals of greater diameters and their fastening in frameworks that will already be a gift, a souvenir.

Authors:  В.А. and М.Y.

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