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Making of bages

In our time, during the constant competition is simply not possible to imagine all kinds of successful company without corporate attributes, and its employees without badges.

Production of the first badges were made about 200 years ago, local sheriffs wore them, badge indicated the status of a person and thus identified the man. It is likely that the badges have appeared earlier and were used as a definite distinction from other people.

So, what is the badge? This kind of identification card, which contains information about the person who wears it. In our time, this plate is an integral part of uniforms for each employee who works daily with many clients. It greatly simplifies the communication between the holder of a badge and a client with whom he works. Helps to remember the position and name of the owner.

Production of badges is the technology of chemical etching. When used for its manufacture metal, it is usually different brands of brass. It is also possible to manufacture the metal a more economical option - namely, the technology graverton. In the manufacture of badges used a different mount, such as butterfly, pin, and sometimes a magnet.

What organizations and companies order the production of badges

This small plaque with information about the owner facilitates communication between the participants of conferences, seller and buyer, manager and customer. Badge - a discreet reminder of the name of its owner. Holding such events as conferences, seminars, which brings together many people are not familiar with each other, creating the need for badges. Production of name badges is in demand among security firms and travel agencies. Vendors in the store or shopping center are also cards for the convenience of customers and visitors. Some fitness centers are adopting the use of badges, as a kind of badge for clients of their institution.

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