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Making of decorations

Making jewelryOne of the most popular men's jewelry is tie clips, combining an element of decoration and functionality. Manufacture of jewelry and their history dates back to ancient China, where there was a fashion scarves and shawls for men, which soon became popular in Europe. In order to complement their decorative elements, and fix, jewelers have created a special pin that could inlay with precious stones or pearls.

A second type of jewelry for men is cufflinks. They emphasize the courage and originality. Wear appropriate cufflinks as ceremonial events, and under the business suit that must be worn in accordance with the corporate culture of the organization, which employs people.

Manufacture of jewelry for women

Jewelry for women is more diverse than men's. Rings, bracelets, pendants, pendants - this is not a complete list of jewelry for women.

The rings are almost all women, some prefer gold or silver, the rest with pleasure wear jewelry. Looks great ring with Swarovski stones, which have recently become very popular. Charms are preferred by many of the girls or women. In practice, many of them fit the different style of clothing. So concise unusual pendant on a chain can be worn as a jeans and t-shirt, and a business suit.

Pendants can be made in the form of flowers or animals, interesting patterns, colors and unusual characters. From a simple gold or metal coated or galvanized finish, inlaid with stones or crystals - to order the suspension can be done to your taste and your wishes. Also popular pendants. They can be metal or glass, crystal and other crystals that are cut and when mounted on a special hanger.Suspension Griffin

Charms for your mobile phone - can also be attributed to the decorations. This stylish accessory worn by many women. Suspension is also made ​​of metal, coated with a pattern or in the form of the figure. They may be covered with colored lacquer, fill in the polymer resin and decorated with rhinestones in different colors.

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