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Making of badges

Manufacturing of badges by a method of chemical etching of metal (or chemical engraving). Such manufacturing of badges occurs as follows, the processed material – a brass lower in a special chemical solution, preliminary having put to metal a special picture with the necessary image of a badge.Making badges

Further, manufacturing of badges by etching occurs as follows, from the general leaf with the pickled images by means of press and a stamp badges are cut. Then on the given cut badges it is soldered carnations or a pin, and badges leave on a galvanic covering.

After a galvanic covering badge, if necessary, paint with enamels, according to a breadboard model of a badge. Manufacturing of badges by etching complex, but at the same time very widespread way of manufacturing of badges.

Such badges look as a stamping in metal, by means of such way of manufacturing of badges it is possible to execute set of breadboard models, the badge turns out though also metal, but nevertheless available enough under the budget.

Manufacturing of badges by a method punching of metal. Such manufacturing of badges occurs as follows, the special-purpose stamp is made, for clearness is a form in which the breadboard model before the developed badge is displayed.

Further this stamp established on press, it is minted in advance prepared metal copper (or a brass) and we receive the image necessary for us already in metal. Further process is similar to the same process as in technology of etching metal.

Manufacturing of badges by a method stamping comes to the end also with a galvanic covering and, if necessary, painting by enamels. Manufacturing of badges by a method stamping it is very popular, therefore as at this method probably a badge to make relief, for example, to show volume of wings of a bird, or to represent in volume ears of wheat.

Or to lift above other level a trademark of the customer, what is better it to allocate. Such way manufacturing of badges will be at the most profitable at great volumes of manufacturing as has high expensive on manufacturing of the stamp.

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