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Каталог товаров
Souvenir products
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Making of souvenir products

Making souvenir productionHistory of manufacturing souvenir production goes to the ancient times. Then the gifts were presented to the woman hearts of her fans. Later the ancient Romans there was a tradition of giving gifts at New Year, first vassals only to his king, but this tradition was so pleased with the citizens that they began to give gifts to each other on various occasions.

All gifts can be divided into two groups:

1. Souvenirs that remind of travel or activities - countries, cities, historical centers, exhibitions, premieres. Accordingly, production of souvenir products carries a flavor of the place in which they were manufactured and purchased. It may even be the emblem of the city, the image of the memorable places, cultural object. They are usually sold in special shops, and the creation of these products is carried out outside the big studios. Some kinds of "gifts" have the ban on exports from the country. Industry souvenir business is part of the tourism business and entertainment areas. The production of souvenirs in demand and always will be true.

2. Production of souvenirs is devoted specially for the celebration of important dates - the most important holiday, which marks the whole country, as birthdays, anniversaries and family close to you people and companies.

Technology Graverton and products, which are done using this technology:

• Office signs, door panels, front metal plate;
• number plates, badges, desk plates;
• Diplomas and certificates of quality, ID;
• family and company emblems, mementos;
• nameplate on the equipment, information boards, metal;
• business cards and photos on the metal.

  Production goods by chemical etching

This technology is considered one of the most popular in the production of souvenirs. Its advantages: rapid production and reasonable price in circulation, with excellent quality and presentable form. The product has two layers to it with high accuracy and text transmitted through the sketch. In addition, the minimum thickness of the lines can be up to 0.15 mm.

 Making gifts with casting technology

Casting technology allows even jewelry, because this way - it is the highest complexity with excellent detail. It should be noted that the production of ready-always with the cast takes a long time and is considered one of the expensive process, especially in large quantities. As for the casting technology - the first cut model of the product itself, then it produced a form for casting. This mold is filled with metal, which cools and after almost gets the finished products.

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