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День Независимости Украины
День авиации Украины
Любите Украину!

Today is really a wonderful day, we finished work on a remarkable set of the Football Federation of Ukraine entered into a set of 3 medals and the cup, but today we will talk about the medals. In particular, the Presidential Medal, this medal is made of gold using casting technology.

This medal is made in the form of round bulk and was presented to the President of Ukraine Football Federation of Ukraine Medal for supporting the national team of Ukraine.

By the way September 26, 2016 Petro Poroshenko turned 51 and we, in turn, to congratulate the President of Ukraine with the last birthday.


We remind cast medals are Vip number of medals. Cast medals are made of different kinds of metals in particular: bronze, brass, copper. In this case, the precious metal gold may also be used silver, platinum. Cast medals favorably with those of other types of medals, those that have a bulk surface. With this technology, you can completely transfer the amount to the smallest detail and transform medal absolutely any form.


Also in this collection present a medal finalist Ukrainian Football Cup which were made by the combined technologies, namely casting and etching, which made it possible to fully transform and bring luster to this type of awards, they are made in a rectangular shape coating is galvanichenskim gold (for gold medals ) and nickel (silvering). It is also possible to deliver image etched on the coin just wonderful color-shift and volume, which once again emphasizes the uniqueness of this award. Mi nademsya that you liked the medals that we have prepared for our finalists and the president.

Get acquainted with other variants of medals you can see the coin.


Company "VTS Suvenir" is a leader in the production of premium and gift products and are always pleased to be able to realize their talents and potential in the production of individual awards.