Sporting medals and medals on a ribbon

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Sports medals and medals on the tape can be manufactured with the technology of casting, stamping or etching on order, as well as possible the standard models medals. Sports medals have special ear, in order to mount the tape, because when the awards ceremony, the winners medals worn around the neck. Sometimes a coin can be no ear, but then they are one gives a special frame. Read more...

Sports medals are made to order can be covered by such medals plated with gold, silver and bronze, and they look pretty expensive. The cost of these medals of course higher than the standard, but their advantage is that such individual medals are made by the sketch is for a specific event, and as a result they have a much higher value than the standard coin - made on the pattern.

Of course, the production of medals in the individual order is not always cost-effective, especially if the event or local level it has a limited budget, then the alternative is the standard coin. In such medals, just made ​​the bowl with the necessary information and they can be of different categories that are covered with gold, silver and bronze. The big plus of this category of medals that they have a wide variety of standard shapes, sizes, they have different value, but also an important factor in the fact that the manufacture of such medals is little time, but it is a good alternative when the time prior to the competition and Awards left quite a bit.