Medals on a shoe tree chemical engraving

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Today people all more frequent choose medals photo gravening as a present for an important event. These medals have next coverage is galvanic gold, silver, nickel, bronze. Medals photo gravening, they are also known, both medals are to be both one-sided and bilateral. Image on medals, at pleasure, covered by enamels. A shoe tree is made individually under an order, or at choice standard form. For making of shoe trees an enamel or special ribbon is used. To the medals cases, scopes and supports, and also certification, can be made under an order. Break over…

What advantages of this type of medals: most important it is a cost and quickness in making. Medals photo gravening it is the best method to pass thin display elements on a metal. Also we have the prepared purveyances of medals, in which it is possible to insert an inset with your logotype made the method of photo gravening or the colored printing is covered by a lens.