Souvenir medals

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Souvenir medals can be made technology of the chemical engraving, stamping or casting. Medals are covered by high-quality enamels and tone varnishes. They can be polished or mat. All of it does them a priceless gift even for the most whimsical man. Break over…

Souvenir medals – is indisputable one of the best presents, both on an anniversary – are anniversary medals and medals for merits. You can order medals from the symbolic of your company and hand them to the employees. They can be cased in the special cases for medals or scope, and also a certification can go to them. A wide use allows making service medals and anniversary medals, in a word on all cases of life. It is important to notice that through technology of etch, possibly, to make and nevertheless enough large medals, in a diameter arriving at more than 20 centimeters, at a thickness in one and more than centimeters. A medal can contain simultaneously and mat elements and polished and also different types of coverage’s.

The pressed medals are a vast spectrum of application also. In this category medals get not only souvenir, and also sporting medals, school medals, medals for merits etc.

Also the in general use method of making of medals is casting. Exactly casting allows to make the medals of difficult form, including opening and ledges, and even the figured medals. A positive aspect of this method is in that; it is possible to make the medals of necessary form, without depending on sizes. Self casting, certainly, not finale of all works. Since medals pour off, they are processed by the properly trained masters and bring to perfection.