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Medals are made mainly from a metal composition-metal or copper, coverage is galvanic gold, silver, nickel, bronze. Making of medals on an order is possible a few technologies. One of the most not expensive technologies this chemical engraving, that medals had a volume, apply stamping technology, and also making of medals through technology of casting. Break over…

That it is better to understand a difference and meaningfulness of medals, we can consider a few methods of their making more detailed.

Most inexpensive medals and the mass are not made on an order, they already have a standard form and they usually have a landing place for a counter. This category of medals is usually named – sporting medals or medals on a ribbon. Usually they are used as medals for rewarding at different sporting competitions and in educational establishments. In a landing place the special counter or plate is inserted with a necessary logotype. Making of counters for this category of medals usually takes place two budgetary technologies, namely - GRAVERTON or polymeric inundation of polygraph.

Production of medals - it is a laborious process, for which the need some time, read into that delivery times. Based on the above, try to make an order for medals in advance, so that our engineers managed to make it in time.

Other types of medals, which are made on individual orders, are presented in categories and described.

Buy souvenir medals, sports, on tape or in the case - perhaps in the company of the VTS. We will produce replicable order in a short time with high quality materials, selecting for you the most acceptable option.

Articles about medals

Articles about medals