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The most expensive order was made ​​in the USSR, the Order of VictoryAwards production begins its history of production since ancient times - from the primitive statuettes and premium wreaths to exclusive rewards, designed specifically for each case of rewarding. Breastplate - Andrew the First-CalledThe most expensive prize ever, we know the history of their existence, is the highest award in the USSR - the Order of "Victory." At its manufacturing took 170 diamonds, total weight of which is 16 carats. It is used in the production of large rubies, and each award took 300 grams of platinum. Today, the Order of the "Victory" is the rarest award was presented by him for the highest achievement in the hostilities, namely, in the Second World War. Now, this award is not made and is the highest degree awarded.

To date, the relevance of awards gained national importance for its achievements in science, literature, social services, etc. Awards and medals themselves are divided into several stages, which make it possible to distinguish between the level of achievement of the awardees and the development of certain areas.The sign of the SBU

Chernobyl awardsThere are also corporate awards that are handed over a contribution and development company. Badges on the block, orders, medals - these are the awards that are made taking into account the corporate identity of the customer organization. In other words, you get an exclusive award, which is "linked" only to your company. Such awards simply have to make a standard layout, changing only the liner. For example, you choose a standard basis and signs, and we develop an original leaflet, which will contain a reward, you can also choose the block, the method of fastening products and colors of enamel, in its sole discretion.

Awards are made from high quality metals. If the award is made the basis of the wrong alloy, all the deposited enamel and varnish, a fast enough period of time will be erased, and the product itself will lose its presentable appearance. To prevent this, we focus only on high-quality alloys and metals. Nickel, bronze, silver, gold, copper and other metals - is that we use constantly in my work. Applying fixers enamel and varnish, we guarantee quality products for years to come.

>Awards production Method of attachment rewards can be in two versions - a way of attaching a pin or clip "butterfly" or using the pads, which is also attached with a pin. Awards may have many different forms, from standard to individual, depending on customer requirements. Awards are divided into several types, is: badges, medals, decorations on the block, the signs on the block, souvenir medals and decorations. You can often find the rewards that are confined to a specific event. For examples of awards Chernobyl - 25 years, the memory of World War II awards, awards for the day of independence of Ukraine, etc.

Reward world is very large and diverse. Its product range is constantly growing and changing. There are new events, new discoveries and achievements that deserve attention and encouragement. When ordering a breast product, you can make your exclusive badge of the Order, or which may become a good reward for the person that has reached a certain height.

Contact us, we can always pick up an award for you products according to your wishes.