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Military awards to soldiers ATO

Military awards to soldiers ATO

A lot of blood spilled Ukrainian people on the way to their independence so desired. The Ukrainians have not had time to really recover from the hardships of the past wars and disasters that they brought, as our still young, but already an independent country hit new troubles from its so-called "brothers". This sneaky and unexpected blow made discord in Ukrainian society, which previously had internal conflicts, and now all split into two camps. Information warfare, which is actively conducted on both sides with the help of the media, creates congestion and allows everyone to objectively judge the current situation in Ukraine.

To the east of the country, there are constant fighting skirmishes that have long outgrown in a very real senseless and merciless war. In it, we have lost many of their famous fellow citizens and continue to bear the loss.


Medal Award
Medal "Defender of the native land" Medal "Participant ATO" Award "Participant ATO"

Survivors brave warriors worthy of the title characters and made them the best military honors. Primarily, this alloy combat medals, which are manufactured with the utmost care and diligence, because these signs and awards will be given to people who by extreme efforts stand guard our peace and tranquility. Buy medals and military awards for our heroes of today can be anyone, as a sign of his special thanks for their hard and dangerous work. Such medals and awards will be a pleasant sign of attention to our brave volunteers.

Motivated befallen us trouble, people unite around a single idea and rallied as never before. Brave Ukrainians voluntarily go to the front, the breast becomes to defend their native land and its inhabitants. And their fellow citizens as far as possible take part in the support of the Ukrainian army, provide them with food, clothing, medicines and other necessities, which is critical important for the military ATO.



Medal Award
Badges "National Hero UKRAINE" Medal "Volunteer of Ukraine" Icons "Volunteer of Ukraine"

Medal of Merit - is only a form of gratitude Ukrainian military population for their acts and deeds in ATU 2014. And let it not commensurate with the difficulties that they suffer, however, such a hero award carries a certain such an important spiritual and moral support for our soldiers.

Awards can be bought anywhere in Ukraine, mostly due to communication that enables to deliver products to any location in the country. Manufacturing company VTS Souvenir joins universal gratitude and in this regard, our team has developed and manufactured a special military award, which are confined exclusively to the actions of ATU 2014. Among the awards that deserve military ATO, we have breast insignia in the form of military medals, orders and crosses. This is primarily a medal "For the Defence of the home country", as well as the cross "Hero-Defender" and star of "Hero-counsel." All military awards come with presentable case and certificate, so these signs and awards are even more honorable and impressive.


Certificate to the award Cases for awards
Certificate to the award Cases for awards

In addition to medals and awards in our range is present Ukrainian icons with symbols on the subject of ATU 2014, they are ideal for people who actively supported the military ATO and proud to belong to a glorious Ukrainian nation.

In the production of military awards, we use the most advanced equipment and technology, making awards for our military ATO as a sign of support and thanks to the most reasonable prices. Therefore, if you are still in doubt where to buy the coin, you should contact our managers listed on the website of the company phone numbers, they will gladly answer all your questions and place your order.