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Awards Category 25 hodovschyne a withdrawal of troops Afhanystana

Awards Category 25 hodovschyne a withdrawal of troops Afhanystana

Breastplate 370 OTVVP

The Afghan war - armed conflict between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan, which began in December 1979 and lasted for 10 long years. This series of bloody clashes left a deep scar on the body of our people and still resonates with veterans of the Afghan conflict. Set of Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the war, many were wounded and returned home with disabilities. 

For firmness and bravery shown in this war, soldiers were awarded special distinctive badges and rewards Afghanistan. Of these medals for bravery and other honorary awards were not only veterans, but also the families of fallen heroes who never had the chance to return home. To this day, we remember with bitterness about the events of the past days. And in 2004, a presidential decree was established to celebrate the Day of celebration of combatants in other countries every year on February 15. This memorable day is timed and important event of the distant 1989, when Soviet troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan. 

Any war is accompanied by unjustified loss of life and violence and the war in Afghanistan is no exception. Many disputes conducted on the feasibility of actions of the Soviet Union with respect to Afghanistan, but it did not bring back the lives of all young people who died in the armed conflict. And all that we can do - is to honor the memory of the dead and the living congratulate veterans, for them it will be the best reward. As a symbolic votes can buy medals for the brave of soldiers "Afghans" - people who have gone through all the horrors of this brutal war. Buy award possible and in our store. The range of a variety of finished products, but on request we produce commemorative medals to order, besides the delivery of products is carried out on the territory of Ukraine. 

Order 40 anniversary

This year, Ukraine celebrated the 25th anniversary of this event. Quarter of a century has passed since the time when the last Soviet troops left Afghanistan, thus putting an end to the bloody war. The celebration took place in all regions of Ukraine, as "Afghans" live throughout the country and in many cities now possible to lay flowers at the monument to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan. For a memorable anniversary were made decals awards and rewards Afghanistan, by which the State has expressed its gratitude to the brave soldiers. Awards 2014 are particularly significant because these honorary awards identify the 25-year anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. 

Our production company "that Vіdznaki suvenіri" also decided to take part in the preparation for the holiday. A joint effort of the team was our variation awards 2014 - gift set for veterans of the Afghan war. Included is the best reward - Jubilee Medal certified leatherette. All gifts are packaged in elegant cases with a clear plastic lid. Price award is 80 hryvnia. Buy awards can contact managers of our company.