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Awards to the day of foundation of the National Guard of Ukraine

Awards to the day of foundation of the National Guard of Ukraine

Production Enterprise "VTS Souvenir" specializes in the manufacture of high quality premium attributes, among which are in great demand orders, medals, lapel badges and souvenirs with national symbols of Ukraine. Today we want to congratulate the soldiers on the Day of the National Guard base in Ukraine and to present you the comprehensive offer of special honors, developed by our experts for the upcoming holiday.

The modern National Guard of Ukraine - a military formation, which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and has the law enforcement functions. It is designed to fulfill the task of protecting and safeguarding the life, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of all Ukrainian citizens, society and the state as a whole from criminal and powerless claims, as well as the obligation to protect the borders and resist the terrorist activities of illegal armed groups or militias. According to public sources, the number of National Guard of Ukraine today is 60 thousand soldiers.

Law of Ukraine "On the National Guard of Ukraine" dated 4 November 1991 it was decided to create this military formation since the beginning of November, we congratulate the Ukrainian guards with a memorable afternoon. Officially, the holiday of the National Guard of Ukraine agreed to observe annually on 26 March, according to the presidential decree of March 18, 2015. But we always remember our men and defenders, appreciate their courage and feats that accomplishes them in the name of our homeland and its people.

Braves of the National Guard of Ukraine deserve a better reward for his services to the motherland. In our offer you will find decorations worthy of heroes - is, first of all, cast fighting medals and crosses, which are made with great care, because these badges will be awarded to Ukrainian soldiers, who by extreme efforts cherish our peace and tranquility.

In the sales department of our company you can buy medals and military awards for our heroes in a sign of his special thanks for their hard and dangerous work. Commemorative medals and awards will be a pleasant sign of attention to our brave soldiers.

It is important to understand that the Medal of Merit - a form of gratitude Ukrainian military population for their actions and deeds in the area of the ATO. And let it be commensurate with the challenges that they carry such a reward to the hero carries some important spiritual and moral support for our soldiers.

Production Company "MTC Souvenir" is attached to the universal thanks to national guardsmen in Ukraine and in this context, our team has developed and produced military decorations, which are associated with their exploits in the area of the ATO. Among the awards for the fighters want to highlight ATO medal "Defender of the country" and "Member of ATO", as well as breast crosses and icons, "the National Guard under." Included with the award we offer presentable wallets and identity. We also did not disregard the people who provided invaluable assistance to the military zone of the ATO, and created a special medals and badges "Volunteer of Ukraine."

We heartily wish to congratulate soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine with a holiday! We wish you, dear heroes, to maintain a high level of professionalism, as well as health and stamina!