Breastplates, orders with a shoe tree

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Awards are covered by cold and hot enamels. Breastplates, orders on a shoe tree can be encrusted by stones. Technology of making is a coinage or casting, also some elements, for example protective strap, can be made through engraving. A few technologies can be simultaneously used in making of breastplates. Breastplates and orders in two and more than details valued higher. In a shoe tree for a sign the special ribbon or high-quality enamels is used. To the breastplates and orders cases and certifications are made under an order. Break over…

Awards can be in one detail, and also in two and more than. Certainly, than more details are in rewards, the more solid and more valuable they look and far completer pass sense. Therefore when you process order on breastplates, orders and rewards it needs to be taken into account.

The Order of the breast is also signs, and act marks of distinction, an honorary award for their outstanding achievements. Be awarded the Order of this always sign that a person has committed a major act, deed, or worked hard to achieve. The word "order" comes from Latin and means "order."

Current Order historically comes from the medieval spiritual orders of knighthood. The first order appeared at the end of the early middle Ages, during the first crusades, and the notion of "order" means a group of people linked by the common goal. In the later Middle Ages also began to emerge of the Order, which is no longer a military force, and served as a sign of recognition and proximity to the monarch. It is important to note that those orders that existed in the Middle Ages were not given, but in the order received and dedicated.