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Plaster casts of bank bars, making of bars

For all banks without an exception and other financial instit utions obligatory is a presence of plaster casts of bank bars which must be on a kind at clients - that is the original symbol of sufficiency and stability. Break over…

Making of plaster casts of bank bars unchanging takes place with holding for some time of the restrained and strict type of wares, without the use of any colors, the noble color of precious metals is underlined only. Making of plaster casts of bank bars takes place with the use of the best materials and technologies, therefore wares it is difficult to distinguish from the real bank bars. The plaster casts of bank bars are covered by galvanic gold or silver. Eventual good we get excellent quality, as plaster casts of bank bars pass through a hand revision, whereupon they are polished and acquire glossy brilliance. Making of bars, depending on the wishes of customer, it is allowed to carry out to the different gravimetric category. There are plaster casts of bank bars different, from quite tiny - weighing from a 1 gram me, to large enough and overall - weighing up to a 1 kilogram.

In our days making of souvenir bars which actually are the analogues of plaster casts of bank bars after a small difference got distribution. A main difference is that on such souvenir bars it is allowed to pass any images and logotypes, also to complement their varicolored elements. Making of souvenir bars can become an excellent present for corporate clients.

Plaster casts of bank bars, and also souvenir bars can be placed in the special scopes, on the velvet founding, as a rule, a preference gives oneself up to velvet of noble colors - dark blue or red.

Articles about souvenir products

Articles about souvenir products