Metallic prizes , VIP souvenir

Prizes metal, VIP gifts / Glass trophies and souvenirs /Acrylic prizes

Prizes from a metal and VIP souvenirs are made under an order the certain drawing and are individual for every customer. Produced with the use of such materials as a metal, tree, natural or artificial stone. Hand revision. Under an order cases can be made for prizes and souvenirs. Break over…

Usually make prizes metallic, their original appearance much brighter looks more expensive. Prizes from a metal can stand on a Lithonia pedestal, or a stone can serve as their founding, so make steals. For making of prizes different technologies are used, it can be casting, etch, coinage, milling etc. Prizes can contain a few technologies simultaneously. Causing of text or elements of logotype comes true by different methods, but it is ordinary enamels or laser engraving.

Production of metal prizes - a striking appearance prizes (gift) and presentable. Prizes metal can stand on a stone pedestal, or stone can serve their base, so made ​​steles. The production of prizes using different technologies, it may be casting, etching, stamping, milling, etc. Prizes may include multiple technologies. Putting text or logo elements done in various ways, but usually enamel or laser engraving. Also prizes can be flat or three-dimensional.

The prize - a measure of the success of the company, product, group of people or an individual. Prizes are awarded always in a festive atmosphere, and their owners generously applauded. Standing on the bench prizes causing delight of the audience and respect, as they realize that for this award were attached some efforts were encouraged. That is why in their manufacture is not worth saving, the more interesting forms of the prize, the more respectable appearance.