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Unique gifts with Ukrainian symbols to the coming New Year 2015

Unique gifts with Ukrainian symbols to the coming New Year 2015

Drawing of the image on the plate  That's the long-awaited winter, and with it a new start approaching 2015, which, according to ancient oriental horoscope, will be marked by a wooden Goats.

  The friendly team production company VTS Souvenir in a hurry to congratulate all of the upcoming holiday and offers a variety of premium and production of corporate attributes on New Year's theme customized.

   The range of souvenir coins in a case, glass trophies, cups and mugs, as well as original articles with Ukrainian symbols and many more, we also can manufacture custom-made according to your wishes.

   Such products are very convenient and practical, besides there are many variations of its application, both in everyday life and in the various festivities. Present, custom-made for the upcoming new year can bring pleasure not only family and friends but also colleagues, partners and clients are sure to appreciate such a gift.

Medal in the frame VTS   Any gifts can be made with the image of your company's logo or any other image. Model of the future products the customer approves in advance, and then immediately begins the process of production. Production is carried out using various techniques, depending on the type of product. For example, medals and coins produced by casting, stamping or etching, glass awards - engraved glass, and the image is transferred to the dishes due to sublimation printing technology such as decal.

   Original souvenirs with Ukrainian symbols will be a perfect Christmas gift for your subordinates who can deliver on corporate events on the eve of the holiday. A glass prizes can be played between the best employees of the company or to use as awards in contests and competitions.

   To place an order, please contact our managers at the numbers listed on the company's website.

We heartily congratulate you Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!