Chinks and counters

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Making of counters and chinks is this first of all professional equipment. In fact chinks or counters usually mint the large drawings, and at the not large drawings apply technology of chemical etch (photo gravening). Break over…

Every day for souvenir coins or coins and tokens corporate demand increases, they are remarkable in that they have different applications. They are commonly used in various advertising campaigns, promotions, as well as souvenirs and gifts for employees. Coins and tokens are perfect for such purposes, because they can cause your company logo and give a well rewarded as appropriate. They will serve as an excellent advertisement for your company.

Tokens are also used in the dressing room, on the keys, in shops, restaurants, theaters, fitness clubs and other places where many people. This allows visitors to order and do not make a mess in the work of staff.

Tokens can be performed by a silver or gold, according to your individual layout. Tokens are used widely in many institutions, making them extremely popular and therefore extremely useful for posting on their company logo. For example, tokens in the theater can accommodate an icon advertised company. So, people will be aware of the activities of your company.