Pressed badges

Badges cast / Badges pressed / Badges the chemical engraving / Badges combined / Badges with enamel under the lens

Badges the pressed is made mainly from a copper and composition-metal, high-quality enamels and varnishes are used in an image. Making of badges through this technology supposes more protracted terms on a production, because a matrix which is finished off by an engraver is preliminary made, and at the small drawings on the cost of wares to lie down high cost of rigging. Badges the pressed also name are badges measured or made through a coinage. Break over…

Yes, the pressed badges are made not quickly, but they are valued, because the measured badges can be not only different forms and sizes but also to pass a volume, that substantially distinguishes them from more simple badges and puts on a higher level. Badges are covered by the enamels of those colors, which are specified by a client, from above on badges a transparent lens can be inflicted at pleasure. These badges are usually fastened clamp of "butterfly" and also on a collect, pin or magnet. Manufacture of metallic badges through technology stamping better from 1000 things and more. Terms for the high-quality making can be varied depending on complication of mark, making master of model and matrix, optimal is a term from two weeks and more. On a cost, drawing of wares influences substantially, size type of galvanic coverage and for the calculation of exact cost of good the presence of exact model is needed.