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TrinketsMetallic trinketsTrinkets with a turning ring

Key rings are gaining in popularity, not only because it's a comfortable thing, and a stylish accessory, today they are used as a promotional souvenir. Key rings controls are used by many people who cling to them the keys, who attach them to mobile phones, this is what contributed to a new function - advertising souvenirs.

The product of this type is always in sight, they use every day, which means that advertising, which is located on its suspension, will attract attention and be remembered for the holder of a keychain. They are often used in advertising campaigns and promotions.

Key chains differ in several types, depending on the material used for their creation and purpose.

In the manufacture of trinkets can be used several technologies. The most common type of products manufactured using the polymer-casting blank or printed directly on a metal substrate. Attaching to key chains can be different: if it is a standard - it carbine or a ring can also be a chain. To mount the suspension dressed in a circle or oval. However, there may be used and other forms of suspension and anchorage.

The metal charms are various shapes and sizes. This is a more expensive form of gifts of this type. The metal charms are various shapes and sizes. This is a more expensive form of gifts of this type. Today, many use them to advertise their own company, this book charms with company logo. This souvenir is not only stylish and eye-catching gift for your customers and business partners, but also advertising medium, which is always at hand. Logo printed on the metal key rings will look unusual and exquisite, that will leave a good impression of the owner of your company and will be remembered. Such a corporate gift can be present by placing a designated box. Metal key rings can be traditional and most unusual forms. Drawing pictures and inscriptions often performed using laser engraving.

There is also a kind of souvenir as promotional key chains. It's opener, which also presents various types: colored and white, plastic and metal, with the drawing pad printing and laser engraving.
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