Trinkets metallic with enamels

Trinkets metallic / Trinkets with a turning ring / Trinkets with a polymeric lens

Trinkets the metallic are intended for corporate clients, and also they can be used in advertising actions. Making of trinkets with the logotype of customer of any form. Break over…

There are three basic types of making of trinkets on an order from a metal, namely:

The photogravures trinkets are the most inexpensive technology allowing to do trinkets for short time of high quality and passing the shallow elements of logotype. But they have a flat kind.

The pressed trinkets or measured trinkets are technology which it is optimal to use for drawings from 1000 and more than things. Making of trinkets takes place the method of squeezing out in the metal of necessary form by a powerful press through a matrix. To order trinkets it is needed to take into account that a term on a production is more protracted from two weeks and more.

Cast trinkets – most expensive and belong to VIP to the level. They can pass the volume of logotype to a full degree.