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The volume label

Volume labelLabel - is today quite well known and popular form of advertising. As it is not surprising, but the sticker is the ancestor of a postage stamp, which according to some reports appeared in the XIX century. By the end of the nineteenth century began to produce labels in large print runs, they were printed on large rolls. In those days, particularly original stickers did not differ, they are made of simple geometric shapes, cut out this kind of product manually, which is "hindered" the process of making labels.

To date, this type of product can be placed on virtually all surfaces quickly and easily. In addition, today there was this kind of product as the volume label. Consider this type of product in more detail, because this is a new product that needs more detailed consideration. The volume label has a special coating - it fills the printing resin, which gives extra volume and protects the product from mechanical damage. This kind of product can be mounted on various products.

Volume labelThis sticker can be placed outdoors and indoors, because of the increased service life, it will be a long time to keep the original shape and acceptable appearance. Cover sticker - a polymeric resin. It is used more dl increase of the product, that is, the resin gives the product a so-called lens effect, it protects the label from damage and allows you to make it a little more due to the use of the coating. Volume label is a huge advantage over conventional labels, namely, by coating a polymer resin, it ceases to much stronger. Volume label is firmly standing all weather conditions, whether it's bitter cold or heat. This product has both standard and original form. Most of these stickers bought a round, oval, triangular or square shape, but we are also working on the individual order, so order a sticker as a blob, a 5-pointed star and the other more complex geometric forms, do not be too difficult. Because we are working on the standard and individual layouts. The size of the product depends entirely on the customer's wishes.Volume label

The product may have a size smaller than a coin or be A4. Such products can be used for various purposes, for example for labeling products, home appliances and promotional products. Also, to attract the attention of customers to a particular product, to be informational and advertising support, etc. Sticker as an advertising medium, it is advisable to use to attract attention to a particular group of products. Most often it is used at various trade shows, promotions, presentations and other large-scale events. In order to label had brought the maximum benefit, you must consider several factors when creating a layout. First, if you pursue the goal to pay for your product the maximum attention of others, the sticker should be bright and be sure to have the company logo, or some popular corporate attribute by which your organization will know after the exhibition or event. From our experience, we can say that most often it is a logo slogan or distinctive style attribute of the company. Second, the label does not necessarily have to have a standard form that must also be taken into account when ordering.Volume label

And finally, do not try in a mock "to stick" the maximum number of attributes of the organization, and the slogan and logo, and contact information. It is better to let it be one thing, but very bright, succinct and noticeable. This way you will achieve the desired result, and your ad noticed. Overloading is a little expensive parts that are not visible from a distance, is not advisable. Therefore, guided by the whole image. This will help our designers, they will develop as an organic model in terms of proper design and then, your organization will be visible to a large flow of information and be able to keep looking at her visitors and guests. Among the production of souvenirs volume label occupies a leading place. At the moment, with the volume label is possible to produce pendants, pins and other corporate items.

Volume labelIn the manufacture of metal tables and diplomas, a label can serve as an additional element. Also note that this type of product is used as a nameplate on a product in a premium product. For example, it is used in the production of medals under the liner. With the volume label on the medal itself attached leaflet with the necessary information that allows you to make a nominal award. The color scheme of this product may be absolutely different, it allows you to make an award in the style of the event. Volume sticker all advertising media to date the volume label is one of the most common. Its predecessor - the usual flat label has also been successfully used in advertising, but it is a sticker with the lens is attracting more attention, making it a leader among the other types of products. Volume label is still called the nameplate or label, and is a self-adhesive label with the base covered with a transparent polymer resin. This polymer is made of polyurethane resins, which have high transparency and flexibility.Volume label

With no little importance, such products are resistant to gasoline, oil, etc. The composition of the polymer may be different because of what these products can be rigid or flexible. Flexible labels are capable of rapid self-healing after various mechanical effects. Therefore, this production determined capable of, so it keeps its original appearance for a long period of time. Volume sticker, no doubt, will increase the popularity of your company's products through advertising printed on its surface, including your customers, partners and friends. This product is used for marking different kinds of products - computers, household appliances, exclusive cosmetics, etc. Also, the volume label is present on the garment industry products and souvenirs - badges, trinkets. Quite often, these stickers are for informational purposes only, in which case you could see them at the door appliances, plates, badges of staff. Also, this type of label used for the development of children.Volume label

You can see these stickers on the fridge, in the form of letters, numbers and mathematical symbols. This helps the child is constantly learning new things about the past and recalls material. We offer superior technical capabilities, high level professionals, and as a consequence, excellent quality products. Perhaps the production of both small and large runs. A low price makes this product affordable for companies of all sizes.

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