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Wide choice and variety of various forms. Making of badges on an order through numerous technologies. Quality of wares and operation ability are in making. You can order the badges of different price category. Now badges found popularity and their variety impresses. More precisely determined, which one are needed badges, we will transfer a few their most popular and basic kinds. Inexpensive marks we will describe in the beginning and on a gradient; we will reach to the category of VIP badges. Break over…

Following kind and popular enough it badges with a by volume sticker, they are also named by the jellied badges and badges with a lens. It the type of badges depending on a size can be used both in advertising aims and as marks corporate. Making of these badges occupies very little more time, what making of badges, but also is operative. A badges consists of the metallic founding, fastening of carnations and the clamp of butterfly, carrier of data polygraph (oracal) inundated by a polymeric lens. A lens gives a volume to the badge. A cost depends on a size, but this type of badges to fall into an inexpensive category. Their forms can be different. To order badges from a by volume sticker or easily, you need only to send to us a picture, or to give to us data for making of model.

Buy the badges on the standard or the original layout you can in our organization. We focus on quality and efficiency that will allow you to get an order made ​​on time.

Other types of badges in detail are described in the presented catalogues on a page.

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