Combined marks on an order

Badges cast / Badges pressed / Badges the chemical engraving / Badges combined / Badges with enamel under the lens

Technologies of the chemical engraving, coinage, and casting can be used in making of marks. Marks the combined can contain simultaneously a few types of coverage is galvanic gold, nickel, bronze or silver. They can be also covered by a polymeric lens, to contain the colored photographic elements. And in addition to everything, marks the combined can be encrusted by the stones of "Swarovski". Break over…

Thus, these marks can use the different methods of making. It is good, in fact it opens boundless possibilities for your work. We can create the unique models of marks and incarnate them in life. Marks the combined will allow to exude between other and make impression, and it, undoubted, successful motion, in fact people, first of all, estimate the external attribute of organization.

We can do for you marks on an order and here maximally to get around You're the wishes.