Marks corporate with polymeric lens

Badges cast / Badges pressed / Badges the chemical engraving / Badges combined / Badges with enamel under the lens

Usually marks jellied are made through technology of the chemical engraving, sometimes through a coinage, and there can be the colored image in elements. Marks jellied have polymeric lens which gives a volume and colorfulness to the mark. These marks also can be named as marks with a lens. Break over…

In principle it is the same metallic or pressed mark, only covered from above by a lens which gives a volume to the mark, which is all difference from metallic marks without a lens. The jellied marks are this optimal combination of price and quality. If you need corporate marks, quickly, high-quality, prestige and not expensive these marks will walk up you. To order marks you can, deporting a model to us or our designers can work out him for you.