Metallic marks, marks with enamels (photogravuring)

Badges cast / Badges pressed / Badges the chemical engraving / Badges combined / Badges with enamel under the lens

A popular type of marks is marks metallic, they are also named by marks with enamels. Marks, made through photogravure, are presented in this division. Advantages of this technology is a quickness in making, moderate price and presentable kind. Marks the metallic have only two levels, but here with high exactness lines and texts of sketch are passed. Under marks on an order plastic or velvet cases can be made. Break over…

Marks with enamels this best decision for a company which wants, that every her employee looked deservingly and underlined the image of company. For making of metallic marks the colored metals are used. This technology allows doing marks in the compressed terms and on a not high cost. Marks the metallic have different forms and well can be entered in the logotype of company, and enamels will give to the mark of brilliance and individuality. The surface of mark can be covered by a polymeric lens.

This type of mark is made nevertheless enough quickly, but an optimal term for making of marks is a term from 5 working days and higher, because excellent quality is assured at their not urgent making.

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