Breastplates without a shoe tree

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Breastplates are made from the different brands of the colored metals; coverage is galvanic gold, silver, nickel, and bronze, copper. Cold and hot enamels are used in painting. Breastplates and orders can be encrusted by stones. Technology of making is a coinage or casting, and also rewards can contain a few technologies. For example, the underbody of breastplate or order can be made through a coinage, and overhead protective strap through technology of casting. When you want to order awards it is needed to take into account that quality and type of good depend on a technologically correctly geared-up design and amount of details in him. Break over…

For us you can order making of orders, insignia and different awards of Ukraine. We make awards for higher educational establishments, soldiery signs, deputy signs, department insignia, signs of voluntarily societies, rewards for lab our and public activity etc.