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Awards it is a not simple, but creative process. Costs depend on the applied technologies, and also level of quality of good and drawing. And here it is not needed to save, on it appearance of rewards, and signs, depends differences, made technologically correctly and high-quality, look deservingly, in fact it is a symbol, transmitter belonging and achievements. Break over…

Orders and rewards is not simply decoration. It is a particle which carries in itself some information about a proprietor. Breastplates or orders have distinctive original appearance which at once is given up in eyeshot.

Making of breastplates takes place in a few stages. Important from them is preparation technologically-correct model original with the subsequent making model master. Therefore a haste here is not appropriate. Making of rewards is this art which is incarnated in a metal. Our economic feasibilities and professionalism allow to carry out at high level the production of rewards, orders and breastplates. A right on the use of design and rewards is fastened after a client.

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